Thursday, September 15, 2016

I think I'm Paranoid

Heroin Sanctuary

There is a place I go to brood,
within my soul,
without the rudeness of another's life,
bearing down on mine.

In my place I like to lie,
upon cold stone,
away from the light,
but close enough to the outside,
to hear the ghastly winds arise,
like banshee shrieks in the moonlight,
the winds embellish the midnight,
enough to strike me terrified,
enough to make me fear for my life.

My Hero, His Heroin

When we were young
he was the one,
Who was my hero,
big and bad,
He fought with all he had
to knock out that zero,
and as we grew
I thought I knew
which way the wind blew.

Without a doubt
he would take me out
to hang with friends
and show me how to blend.

Time went and he was gone.

I did not know
how trouble could grow
and before I knew it
he was all into it.

I did not know what to do
and I became blue.

He was not the same
he seemed to be insane.

He started with cocaine
and everyone else was to blame.
then like the wind,
He was into heroin.

My hero was gone
when the beast came along.

Lord please help him change his ways
before he sees the end of his days.


Cloudy Eyes

But clear vision

No pain, and no spirit

A light touch, and a heavy heart

An akward sense of self

Thoughts with no meaning

I must be dreaming

It feels like a dream

Tainted thoughts and red streaked arms

A needle and a spoon