Tuesday, May 3, 2016

AVON - Join my team!

AVON - Become an Avon Representative today!

Join my team! So many reasons to get started today.

Hello everyone, hope each and every one of you has had and is having a great day. It's always a great day when you wake alive and breathing and in good health. Think positive is what I always say, thinking positive is the key to a happy, positive life. I am Aiden & I am an Representative and Star Promoter with Avon. I started as an Avon Representative 2 years ago and selling was great but I wanted more. I saw how other leaders in the business were growing their teams and just making so much money and moving up the ranks so I decided to start my own Avon Team and so I started to build my team and at one point I had 35+ people on my team. And with that I became a Unit Leader. Avon has changed the leadership structure and titles and ranks. So I am now a Star Promoter with Avon. I don't have quite as many people on my team as I did before but that is because people unfortunately gave up and they quit or Avon just wasn't for them. I am here to make money and help you make money and be successful in your Avon Business. See a lot of people don't have the extra time to sell Avon but if you are a stay at home mom or want to work from home then this is a great opportunity for you. Do you want to be your own boss and not have to answer to a boss at a job that you dislike? Well, I know I sure do. I wanted to be able to set my own hours and work for myself. 

BUT WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN AVON YOU MAY ASK? The answer is simple really, join Avon because it's ONLY $15 TO START. Join Avon because you want to be your own boss. Join Avon because you want to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur or network marketer and be in network marketing. Market and advertise your own business using social media tools available to you. Join Avon because they offer you a way to move up the ranks which means more money you will make. You have a lot of potential, you just have to see that and with Avon their are other Avon Representatives there for you that will inspire you and motivate you to be a success. 

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN MY TEAM? You should my team because well, I am a great leader and I can help you become successful. It's not going to be easy and you may get frustrated and want to quit but that is the key, you must NOT quit, must NOT give up. So many people have come and gone with Avon and they wonder why they weren't successful, its because they gave up, because they quit. You won't become an overnight success, now don't get me wrong, some may have become an overnight success maybe, but if they have that's because they REALLY worked their business and they were determined and dedicated and motivated to be successful. WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN MY TEAM? Join my team because I will train you and give you the materials you need to start your Avon business and I will help you get started. I will motivate you and hopefully inspire you. I make it fun to be on my team. I offer incentives to my team members, such as whoever gets the highest sales in a campaign will get a gift card from me or if the whole team had a successful campaign with sales being really good then I take the team out to dinner or have a pizza party. I make it fun to be on my team. I will stay in contact with you and never ignore you. I will be here to answer every question you have. I will walk you through how to place your first order and how to order Avon Books that you need for the next campaign.

SO JOIN MY TEAM!!! It's ONLY $15 to join and get started and Avon sends you a starter kit with books you need to get started and also in the kit you get FREE AVON PRODUCTS. Yes, FREE!!

Even if you don't want to be an entrepreneur maybe you just want to earn an extra income or have extra cash or make enough cash for that SUMMER vacation that you've been wanting to go on. Either way, there are so many reasons to join Avon and as Summer is quickly approaching, now is a great time to join my Avon Team and get started with Avon as an Avon Representative.

If any of this interests you and you would like to join my team and get started today or even tomorrow all you have to do is e-mail me at aidendbean@yahoo.com OR you could just go ahead and go straight to the sign-up link which is Join my Avon Team! Use Reference Code: aidenbean

I look forward to having you on my team and starting you with Avon. I look forward to helping you grow and become successful with Avon. I look forward to helping you make that extra money you want and may need. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Favorite Quotes - 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6

"Favorite Quotes"

Today's blog challenge day 6 is "Favorite Quotes" and some of my favorite quotes that come to my mind are quotes from The Joker. So I am going to share some of my favorite Joker Quotes.


So how true is this quote? And can you relate to this? I surely can. It makes sense if you think about it. You don't know madness until you are pushed over the edge.


I can relate to this quote because for my entire life so far I have always got picked on, made fun of, talked about, you get the idea. Everyone always laughed at me and made fun of me because I was different then them. Had I been like them none of that would have happened but that is okay because I would rather be different and unique then be like everyone else. Because let's be honest, being like everyone else is boring. Why not stand out in the crowd. 


What do you think this quote is about? Does it make sense to you? In my opinion, there are so many meanings behind this quote. You can't promise a person that their dreams will come true when they have lived a nightmarish life. Joker for example lived a life of abuse at the hand of his father. You ask him and he would tell you this exactly BUT it made him the person he is today. It made him a much stronger person.

Have you walked through nightmares? I know I sure have and like I said above how it made The Joker stronger as a person, the nightmares I walked through taught me a lesson and made me stronger as a person and built the foundation for who I am today. I think these things can be a lesson for each of us, maybe a lesson we didn't want to be taught however.


I like this quote, its actually kind of describes a little bit about me. See when I was 19 I decided as my first tattoo that I would get the Anarchy symbol tattooed on my bicep. You may ask why I chose that as a tattoo and especially as my first one, well, the answer is simple. The way I grew up I never liked authority or being told what to do. I liked to do my own thing, I didn't want anyone to control me and especially not the government. I broke the law yes, did I caught? NO! Did I learn a lesson, maybe but hey I was young. Did I care? NO. I got married years later to someone who was older then I was and who thought to use that as a reason to control me even more. Hence why I don't date older people now, at least not one's old enough to be my parents SMH! It was a bad marriage. Controlling, Emotional Abuse, Mental Abuse, yeah. Of course like I have said before, that situation molded me into who I am today, it made me not make the same mistake twice I'll tell you that much. NO ONE CONTROLS ME!!!! I never really let my parents control me and I was sure as hell not letting some woman who was older then me treat me like a child anymore or control me anymore so I got the hell out of that situation and boy I had never been happier to get the hell away from her. Since then especially I have not let anyone else control me or dish out any form of abuse to me. I try not to put myself in situations like that anymore. I am much more mature and wiser then I used to be. I am definitely an agent of chaos at least I used to be. There was always chaos when I was around. Ha!


Now without trying to sound all psycho well, if that's what you presume about me then hey I don't mind but I can relate to this quote HOWEVER with that said in a sense it's like The Joker is blaming others for the way he has become. I know everyone should take responsibility for themselves and their actions BUT I do agree with The Joker in a way. What way is that you may ask? Back to my marriage that I totally regret to this day, my ex wife made me the way I am today. It was a fucked up relationship to be honest. A relationship that I should have never gotten into however I was young and dumb and naive and let others take advantage of me and use me and that is EXACTLY what that damn woman did. SMH! So relationships after her I started not to trust anyone I was with, and I always thought they were out to use me or take advantage of me and maybe you will say I am just being paranoid but if you look at the facts and information you have, the next relationship wasn't me being paranoid, it was what you would call being aware. Because exactly what I thought was happening did. I was used, I was taken advantage of. Every relationship I have had did have some good times, maybe, I mean there may have been some good memories but it is hard to think about those good memories when the bad memories outweigh the good ones. So to my point, as Joker says, "Why should I apologize for the monster I've become because you made me this way"? Yes exactly. Why should I apologize for becoming this way when all of yall made me this way. Mind you I am now currently in a good relationship with a wonderful woman who is so NOT like the rest by no means at all. Also its not just about relationships that made me this way. Growing up my dad and I are so much alike that we used to butt heads and I would cuss him, yes I was a bad kid, a mouthy one, who didn't respect authority you know you get the point. My dad and I used to fight a lot when I was growing up and he also used to tell me that I would never amount to anything and that I was retarded and the emotional abuse and mental abuse I suffered from my father really shaped me into who I am today. However my father could be the reason I am so fucked up in the head with bipolar and other mental shit you know. I don't want to put the blame on anyone else for me being fucked up in the head BUT you don't just wake up and all of a sudden there is a monster inside of you, ya know. We are all a victim of our circumstances so to speak, a victim of our circumstances and our surroundings. I grew up being told I wasn't good enough, that I was retarded and that I wasn't going to amount to anything, you know that kind of fucked me up in the head and made me actually start thinking it was true. When you are told something for so long you start to actually believe it. So I grew up with a father who was always so very negative and a mother who has always been such a positive person in my life and was the complete opposite of my father. Not that my mom babied me necessarily but when my father would tell me I was retarded my mother would tell me I wasn't. And when my dad would say I wouldn't amount to anything my mother said the opposite to me. She was very uplifting and encouraging and she always has been. My father isn't the same person who used to be though, he has changed. He is not as negative as he used to be but that's because he just gave up on life really, he doesn't care about anything anymore. He just sits in his recliner every day watching tv and only gets up to go to the bathroom or go to bed. He does that every day. You know I have always wanted to be like my dad because despite the way he treated me as a child, he was like my hero and I looked up to him. BUT, I don't want to be like the person my dad has become. I am determined NOT to become that person. I don't want to waste my life away. I want to actually live my life, make something out of myself you know. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

If I Won The Lottery - 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5



What would YOU do if you won the lottery? Well, me personally I would buy my fiance Vickie and I a house with a lot of land and no neighbors and put a fence around my property so Bo and Cinder had room to run around. I would also buy myself a brand new vehicle since I have never owned a brand new off the car lot vehicle OR I would by myself a VW Bus like I have always wanted, however I can't drive a stick but buying one of those would force me to learn how to drive a stick shift lol. If I won the lottery, I would also fix up my mom and dad's house, actually I would probably tear their house down and just build a new one for them on the property. I would also pay off my parents bills as well as mine so we are then debt free and have no past bills to worry about. I would also, since I would be in the giving mood and want to help my family would give my sister and her husband some of the money to do whatever they wanted with it, and I would set up a college fund for my Niece Kaylee and a college fund for Vickie's niece Zariah and also set up a college fund for Vickie's other niece Ella. I think its important a child once of age goes to college. I didn't go to college right after I graduated and I regret it however I did later go to college down the road. I ended up also joining the Army. 

If I won the lottery I wouldn't be all selfish about it. HOWEVER, you know when someone or anyone really, finds out when you win the lottery all of a sudden you have relatives and friends you didn't know about. That's how it always happens. If I won the lottery I would donate some money to the Warm Homeless Shelter in Waynesboro because what they do is help a lot of homeless people and what they do is great.

If I won the lottery I would open a homeless shelter for GLBT Youth. That may sound strange BUT you would be probably, VERY surprised at how many Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender youth become homeless, when they are a kid still, yes a kid, hence homeless youth. Its sad because they come out of the closet so to speak, tell their family about it and a lot of times, not all times but a lot of the time the parents disown their child and kick them out of the house. Its sad and I got lucky to have such great parents that didn't do that to me but a lot of GLBT Youth are not that lucky. So I would build a homeless shelter just for those youth. The shelter would have rooms, private rooms for each person staying there equipped with their own private bathroom. The rooms wouldn't be extremely big but they would be big enough for a bed, a dresser, a desk, a closet and a bathroom. Yeah, can you tell I have already thought this out. Yep! This has crossed my mind so many times. Trying to open one well, I don't even know where to start, wouldn't even know where to begin. BUT, this is one of my dreams though. I have to look into it for sure. I would hire people to work at the shelter and to run the shelter in which case that would bring more jobs to the area. In the shelter there would be a game room because most kids love playing video games and their would be a library in the shelter equipped with books that they can read and there would be a study room so they could do their homework in which would have tables and laptops or desktop computers for them to use to do their homework installed with the latest programs such as Microsoft Office that they need for school. So there would be a game room, a library, a study room, oh and there would also be a gym at the shelter so they could work out and keep in shape. There would be a fully stocked kitchen in which they could cook for themselves if they wanted to and if not there would be a lunch room which would be staffed to make the kids food for them sort of like a cafeteria but smaller. So what do we have; a game room, a library, a study room, a gym, a cafeteria, a kitchen, the homeless shelter would also be on property with land so the kids in the shelter could play outside if they wanted. And outside would have a basketball court, an area to play soccer with soccer goals on each side. I would buy a LOT of land of course to make my dream come true. Am I missing anything? I would also hire mentors for the youth which would help them study and help keep them motivated to do better and would hire tutors to help the youth with their school work if they needed it. Also I almost forgot, there would be a medicine room with a nurse that would hand out the kids medicines if they needed to be on medication. Oh also each kids room would be equipped with their own TV mounted to the wall. So yeah if I won the lottery that is one thing I would do because I forgot to mention above but I am a Volunteer at the WARM HOMELESS SHELTER and 2 years ago I started a cause called BACKPACKS FOR THE HOMELESS, that is a cause I started which I would buy stuff and pack backpacks with essential items for homeless people and hand them out at the WARM SHELTER and the homeless shelter in Staunton, THE MISSION. I would buy toothbrushes, toothpaste etc and I would pack a women's backpack and a guy's backpack. So as you can see now I have a love for helping homeless people. 

I don't know what else I would do if I won the lottery, I would probably, well I would definitely put a chunk of it in a savings account and let it draw interest and not touch it. Back to I would buy Vickie and I a house on property. It would be a log cabin with a basement, the main floor and an upstairs and an attic. I would have a garden in the back and I would have a place to ride 4 Wheelers and of course I would buy Vickie and I a 4 Wheeler to ride. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top 10 Things On My Bucket List - 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Top 10 Things On My Bucket List

  1. Visit Germany and go to Ulm which is where my dad was born
  2. Be able to buy an RV and travel the United States with my fiance, by then my wife
  3. Write a book of my poetry and have it published
  4. Land a Web Design Job or a marketing job
  5. Learn the German Language
  6. Visit my family in Canada
  7. Take weekends off
  8. Get married to Vickie and have a barn wedding
  9. Buy my own house with a few acres of land away from neighbors
  10. Learn to drive a stick shift so I can buy a VW Bus (Prefer a 1969)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Photos of Me - 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

This photo was taken in 2006 I believe. I was attending Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (now called Woodrow Wilson Center for Employment) at the time this photo was taken. I had just started attending Woodrow Wilson at that time. I was studying Web Design at Woodrow. Ha if you have seen photos of me after this photo was taken you'll notice that the Tennessee Vols hat I had on is brand new looking. Its not anymore lol. Its definitely got that worn look at this point.

This photo was taken in 2011 I believe. I was at a Nascar race, I believe this was taken when I was at the Bristol Race in Tennessee. Man look how skinny I was back then, WOW. Crazy how when we look back at photos we can tell a difference in the way we looked then to the way we look now. However, I am 35 now and I was not even 30 when that photo was taken. Of course, once again I am wearing my Tennessee hat and if you notice in the background behind me there is a Tennessee flag. I was at the Christmas Store in Gatlinburg, TN. And I was wearing my Tony Stewart shirt that day.

This was my before and after photo that I made with PicCollage. I made it to show what I looked like when I was married and what I looked like at that time which was a year ago I believe that the photo on the right was taken. Man, when I was married I was depressed, I didn't work, I sat around the house all day & unfortunately I was broke so life sucked at that time but hey, I got over it ha cos I moved on and out of that situation. You can tell by the photo on the right how much happier I was. Of course, the photo on the left was when I was at the beach and its always nice to be at the beach but I was miserable, fat, overweight and lacked self confidence at that time.

This photo was me 2 years ago when I participated in the 5k, Dash With A Splash 5k which is much like the Color Run. It was a lot of fun and very motivating and great exercise too. I participated in this event with my former boss April. I want to some day participate in the Dash With A Splash or some other event similar to this in the future. Who else would participate in an event like this? Would you challenge yourself and push yourself past your limits? I know I would, I know we all can feel defeated BUT this is a great event or something to do that will challenge us and motivate us and push us to do great things and to be great.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2 - Timeline Of My Day

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 2 - Timeline Of My Day

Well let's see, I woke up at 4am this morning which is what time I normally wake up when I have to be at work at 5am to open the store. I smoked me a cigarette and drank some coffee like I always do. I opened up Facebook on my iPhone and checked my notifications. I let my dog Cinder outside to go to the bathroom, then I let her in and let my other dog Bo outside to go to the bathroom. Both of them came back in from using the bathroom and went and laid down. Vickie woke up and made me coffee of course, like she always does because she is such a sweet loving thoughtful fiance. After I checked my notifications and drank some of my coffee I went and took a shower and got dressed for work. 

Almost 5am and I gave Vickie a kiss and headed out the door. I drove Vickie's Explorer this morning to work because she wanted to drive the loaner van that I have been using. She has never driven a Mini Van before so she wanted to test it out and show it off haha. So I got to work and started the coffee pots and stocked the coffee bar. I unraveled the newspapers that were bundled up in two stacks outside the front door & wrote down how many came in for that day and how many went out. I logged on to the Lottery Machine and printed out the winning numbers from last night because I have one regular customer that always come in the store early in the morning and always wants to know what the numbers from the night before were. So I make sure I have those ready when he comes in so he doesn't have to ask me for them. After that I got yesterday's paperwork together and organized it, meaning I put all the credit/debit card receipts together and stapled them and I rounded up all the scratch tickets and put them in a neat pile. Then I organized the shift sheets by shift and then went to my office to get my Manager Shift Paper to put on top of the shift sheets. That is a sheet I created to help me do paperwork and to know whether we are short or over for the day. After that I took the store close and shift close report off the printer and stapled them together and sat it down next to my shift sheets. Then I started writing down the amounts of the credits, the debits, the paidouts etc and started doing paperwork. Yesterday was a good day, business wasn't bad at all despite the fact that both our restrooms were out of order due to the guys from the heating and plumbing company coming to fix the Air Conditioner and closing both my restrooms. I had to pee so I locked the doors and went to our other store, Exxon to use the bathroom. Billie the cashier over there needed small trash bags anyway so I took her some. 

After I got done with paperwork I worked on the deposit which didn't take long, because I am pretty quick at that sorta thing. After that I went back to the coffee bar to re-stock it and i emptied the coffee pots and made fresh coffee. The timers on the coffee pots only last like 2 hours and by that time they were ready to be made again so I made them again. Our Juva Roast and House Blend that is. I only well not just me but Cheryl and I only make Decaf in the morning because no one drinks it after that so it is a waste of money to brew another pot of that when we're just going to throw it away. So after I cleaned the coffee pots and made fresh coffee I went back up to the register and a few customers came in and I rang them up. I also in the midst of that scanned items that I was ringing up that we were almost out of. Speaking of I think I need to head back to my store, well I need to go to Exxon and grab a few things that we are out of which I was unaware of hence why I didn't order them and take them to my store, the Shell Station.

YES! You heard that right, Exxon is no longer my store. Well, I mean it is my store still because I am still running it but I am now full time at Shell. That is where I put in most of my hours. I have to go do paperwork at Exxon, think I may go do that here in a few. So back to my day, let's see. Besides waiting on customers and my boss calling me asking me for information about the reports I headed over to the Cappuccino Machine and pulled out the tray so I could clean it but then a guy came in and I sat the Cappuccino Machine tray down and forgot all about it so the guy came in and said he needed a receipt from 4 April 2016 which at that time I was unable to find so he left his number for me and his name and don't you know like 5 minutes after he was gone I was able to find the receipt he was looking for. Whatever company he works for they have drivers which apparently have company credit cards and the one driver didn't get a receipt for his gas on 4 April so anyways I took care of it because I found the receipt. I left at 12pm and no one had come to pick up the receipt by then so I am hoping someone does come pick it up because I am sure they were asking for it because they needed it for their records obviously. 

After that I counted the change box and I organized the deposits and counted my drawer down and did my paperwork for my shift and then opened the register for the next shift which was Cheryl's shift. After that I wrote up a change order so I could go to the bank to get change for my store because even though we were not running out completely I like to keep the change in the box pretty well stocked just in case anything happens and I am unable to go to the bank. So Cheryl got there and took over her drawer and I got the bank bag ready to go get change and I grabbed my stuff and headed over to Exxon because Billie had wrote up a change order because Exxon needed change and well, I AM THE MANAGER so I must take care of both stores. So I got the change orders and headed to the bank. Got to the bank and the awesome teller friendly like always got my change for me and I headed to Exxon first to give Billie the change for that store then headed back to my store, the Shell Station that is and gave Cheryl the deposit bag with the change inside and then I headed home. 

I came home and boy was Cinder happy to see me and so was Bo. They were both wagging their tails in excitement and happiness to see me. I let Cinder out first to go to the bathroom but she didn't stay out there long because its been raining all day and she doesn't like going outside to use the bathroom when its raining. If she uses the bathroom I don't know, she must have peed real quick then came back inside. Then I let Bo outside to go to the bathroom and he wasn't out there long either. He did his business and came right back in. After I let Cinder and Bo out to go pee I let Onyx or as I call her, Ani out of the spare bedroom to run free in the house. She played for a little but then started meowing because she was hungry so I got her food prepared and fed her and gave her milk. However, she is growing fast but she still looks like a kitten but I think she is over the whole drinking milk stage at this point. She took like 2 licks of the milk and back to the Wet Cat Food she went. 

So, let's see after everyone was given water and food and let out to use the bathroom I took my shoes off and put my flip flop sandals on, the ones you wear with socks that don't look all funny lol. Then I went and laid on the love seat and took a nap but of course that was short lived because the next door neighbors are adding on to their deck and they had guys over there sawing and hammering and who knows what else. Needless to say they were being loud and I was trying to take a nap in the living room on the loveseat which obviously just wasn't happening. Plus on top of that my brain was going a million miles a minute. My creativity had been sparked for some reason and I had all kinds of thoughts and ideas in my head so I decided to get up off the couch and come into the kitchen and grab my notebook and my phone and my laptop and started jotting down the ideas that were in my head. I like to write, you know, writing down things on a piece of paper never gets old to me. With that said, so many people today have forgotten about the good old fashioned writing letters by hand or simply writing notes etc by hand because everyone especially these kids today have become so reliant on tablets and smartphones that no one hardly does it the old school way like we did many years ago before cell phones were invented. But hey, times have changed and we must adjust to the changes that are being made. Hey I do admit that I AM one of those people I mentioned above that is so reliant on cell phones these days. I admit it, I am, sadly yes I am. I use my phone for my banking, I use my phone for my Avon Business to place my orders and to order more books and take course sin the Avon University and a lot more of course because the Avon Website offers so much. I use my phone to text, video chat such as Facetime. I Facetime my mom almost every night, or at least I try too. I use my phone to keep in touch and stay up in up with the latest news on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course you know, or maybe you don't know, I am a computer nerd and have been since I was a kid. My dad instilled my love for computers in me when I was a kid. My dad used to build computers and work on them. He is A+ Certified and has a bunch of other certifications as well as I do like I am Microsoft Office Word 2013 certified from Blue Ridge Community College as well as Microsoft Office Excel 2013 certified from Blue Ridge Community College and those are just 2 certifications I have, I have a bunch more. I have all my certifications in a 3 ring binder displaying it as my portfolio. Not much good they have done me however because I haven't been able to put them to good use yet seeing as I am working at a gas station right now as the Manager. But hey, I am an Aries and Aries are natural born leaders so I was mean to be where I am. I am not complaining one bit because I truly do love my job and I have some of the greatest customers at my store. Anyways back to the point I was trying to get at, as you may now know, I am a Computer Nerd and I have Facebook so of course I am always up on Facebook. Well, not always actually but I frequent it quite a bit. Sometimes however when I am at work I am too busy to mess around with my phone or at least with Facebook or any other social network site. At work my bosses are independent owners meaning they own the Shell and the Exxon, well we don't have many employees in the company at all which is not a bad thing but for all of us to communicate with each other we use the WhatsApp app to text, send photos of say the reports or the gas readings and that is how we communicate with each other. 

Damn, so I drifted off point, back to Facebook. Not sure if any one of you is an Admin for a Facebook Page or Pages but I created several Facebook Pages on different topics that I personally Admin, which of course I am the only Admin of those pages because I created them. While Vickie and I were split up for those few months I missed her dearly and was saddened by her being gone so I created a Facebook Page devoting my undying love her for which I now call "Aiden & VickieAiden & Vickie FB Page Not just do I devote my undying love for her on there I also post and share love quotes and other love stuff on there as well as Marriage stuff and Marriage ideas etc. 
I have a few albums on there as well that I created with like marriage ideas, like wedding ideas I mean. Vickie and I want to have a Country Rustic Themed wedding so there are a ton of photos on there in an album that can give you an idea if you want that type of wedding too.

And then I have another Facebook Page called "Bean Fur Kids" Bean Fur Kids
which I post animal stuff on there and of course post photos of my fur babies on there and videos of them being all cute and stuff. I have several videos of Rocky snoring, its just way too cute, gotta love Pugs lol. You won't be seeing Rocky on this page anymore however because sadly I gave him to a woman who has 2 other pugs, and I know she will give him a good home. I miss him dearly and I cry at night as thoughts of him go through my mind. Man I miss that little puggie so much. BUT, I know he is going to be much happier with 2 other pugs around who have just as much energy as he does and now he will have 2 other dogs to play with because to be honest, Bo and Cinder are older dogs and they don't have the energy that Rocky has and they can't keep up with him. Rocky has a HUGE fenced in yard to play in and the run of the house. The lady I gave him to has sent me photos of him, he looks happy. Yet, I still miss him like crazy. I miss kissing him before bed and waking up and wrapping my arms around him and giving him kisses and I miss how when I would come home from work he would be so excited to see me with his little pug tail wagging and would jump up and hug me and give me kisses. Anyways, moving on.....

And then I created a Facebook Page called "Backpacks For The Homeless" Backpacks For The Homeless in which I post quotes about homeless people and quotes about homelessness and also for my cause I guess you could say that I started which is putting together Backpacks For The Homeless in my area. I started the Backpacks For The Homeless in 2014 and have been doing it ever since. I think the homeless need a voice and I am here to give them one plus everyone falls on hard times and needs help at one point or another even if they don't want to ask for help. Well, I am here to help them. I may not be rich or have a lot of money but I help them in any way that I can. If you would like to donate items or buy items for the backpacks that I pack or would like to help with my cause feel free to go to the Facebook Page and send me a message. The more help I can get with this the better because right now I am doing it on my own which I don't mind at all. Some may ask where I find homeless people and how do I know if someone is homeless. Well, my ex wife before we got together was homeless and one day she took me to a park in Richmond, Virginia and there they were. A ton of homeless people sitting and standing in the park with all their belongings with them. Seeing so many homeless people out there in the cold and yes it was cold that day I think we were just getting over Winter, seeing them out there in the cold broke my heart. No one should have to go through that but like I said earlier, we all fall on hard times whether we are expecting it or not and we all need a little help from time to time. People in my past have helped me in ways that I cannot repay them and I was ever so grateful for their kindness and the help they gave me. I guess you could say it is my way of paying it forward, ALSO, God is using me to help others. God sent me to those homeless people to help them out, that is why you will maybe notice that the link for the Facebook Page is entitled "Backpacks From God" that's because God sent me to help those people in their time of need. Do unto others as you would have them do to you and I would want someone or appreciate someone helping me out if I fell on hard times.
So the next Facebook Page I have is my "Aiden Avon Rep" Facebook Page. Avon Rep Bean I obviously created this Facebook page for my Avon Business. It started out as a page to showcase products to my customers and to get more customers and new recruits to join my team however I have since then added more content to my FB Page for other Avon Representatives. I haven't gotten as many likes on that page as I had hoped for but that is okay. I noticed that people that hasn't liked my page still like the posts I make on there so people are seeing what I am posting on there whether they like the page or not so that's a good thing. Lol. I just want to inspire others and see and help others succeed as I have. When I started with Avon in 2014, I started as an Avon Rep and quickly started gaining new customers and for some reason that just wasn't enough for me, I wanted more so I started recruiting people and building my team and at one point I had 35-38 people on my team. Unfortunately, some people just don't have the vision and drive that I have so of course they gave up and they quit. BUT ME, I am still going strong and I trying to build my team back up like it was before. I do still have team members on my team but the number of people on my team is dwindling. HOWEVER, with that said, my old boss April from the Shell Station is STILL on my team which is freaking awesome. Glad she has stuck with this instead of quitting like most of the people on my team.

Let's see, what FB Page do we have next? YES! I do have a few more Facebook Pages to tell you about. So here we go, next we have my Facebook Page, "Entrepreneur Aiden" Entrepreneur Aiden in which I created when I started working for Visalus which was the first Direct Sales Company I started working for, just for the record that gig didn't last long, it wasn't the right one for me. Ha! So I created this Facebook Page, Entrepreneur Aiden to help other Entrepreneurs and to inspire others. I post inspiring, positive, encouraging things on there as well as making posts about how you can make money from home etc, you know business, work at home, work at home business stuff. I am a natural born leader, what can I say, I am an Aries, all Aries are natural born leaders. I created this page to inspire others to chase their dreams and to motivate others to succeed. I need to really start posting more often on this page. I have kinda been slacking.

The next Facebook Page I have is now called "Aiden's Recipes" Aiden's Recipes and I originally created this FB Page when I was working for Visalus and I Created it to post shake recipes and i guess you could say inspiring stuff on there however like I said above, that wasn't the right company for me so I left it and went to Avon which I am still with to this day. This FB Page like I said was originally created for my Visalus Business but I am no longer with that company and didn't exactly want my FB Page to go down the tubes so I decided to revamp it and change the name, unfortunately it won't let me change the name in the link but whatever its all good. I changed this page from Body By Vi Promoter to Aiden's Recipes. Here is something you may not know about me, well 2 things that is. 1. I love to cook, I have had a love to cook since I was a kid and 2. I was a cook in the Army, obviously since I love to cook. AND I am GERMAN soooooo, I love to share German Recipes with everyone on my page. I also share other recipes as well, not just German Recipes lol. I post photos of the German Food I cook also. Good stuff right there oh and I do take Recipe Requests so if you are looking for a German Recipe or a recipe in general for say I don't know, Meatloaf, I can get you a Meatloaf recipe if you don't have one. OR I can get you a recipe for German Potato Salad because well, to be honest NO ONE has the same ingredients in their German Potato Salad Recipe, they might have some of the same ingredients but not the exact same ingredients that is. 

My next Facebook Page I have is called "Bean's DIY Free" Facebook Page. Bean's DIY Free I originally created this Facebook Page with the intention of posting free stuff, freebies, free samples etc on it. HOWEVER, if you like to get free stuff you already know that it can be time consuming to sit down and go through all the freebie sites and clicking on the links to make sure the freebie offer is still valid and such, well, I don't have the time for all that because to be honest I have a full time job and I work more then 40 hours a week. SOOOOOOOO, I changed the name a little bit to Bean's DIY Free because I love checking out Pinterest for all the cool DIY stuff on there and well like I said above, I love getting freebies, hey who doesn't lol. So check it out, however there is not much Freebies posted on there because I haven't gotten to go through all that in awhile with my crazy work schedule. But there is a ton of cool DIY stuff on there and a ton of Life Hacks, some which may surprise you including Red Box Codes for free movies and stuff. 

The next Facebook Page I have I created in 2011 I believe it was. This FB Page is, "Augusta County VA"Augusta County VA I have lived in Augusta County my whole life besides when I lived in Townsend, Tennessee during the summers with my Grandma Bean. This is a nice area and it is beautiful. So on this page I post articles from our local news stations and newspapers as well as events happening in the area and photos I've taken of our surroundings in each little town of Augusta County that I go too. I like to share the beauty of Augusta County VA with everyone. And believe it or not I have over 1,000 likes on my page.

Facebook Page, "Bean's Emo Life" I originally created calling it Bean's Awareness but I changed it because well, I don't know why I just did. I wanted something new. Bean's Emo Life On this page I share my struggles, emotions and other stuff such as my battle with mental illness and the mental illnesses I have. I try to bring to light the issue of Mental Illness and make others aware of it. Check it out, it might inspire you or help you.

Now this page I believe I created in 2011 I believe, I could be wrong but I have had this FB Page for quite awhile now as you can see if you click on the link I have over 2,000 likes on this FB Page which is called "Hillbilly Hangout" cos yeah I got country in me and the parts where my family comes from on my mom's side are nothin but hicks in the sticks lol. Yes my mom's side of the family comes from West Virginia and NO they are not imbreeders so don't judge. 

Good ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee, home sweet home to me, good ole Rocky Top. So yeah this next page is entitled "Rocky Top" because I grew up in Townsend Tennessee in the summers when I was kid and stayed with my Grandma Bean in her house down there. I have always had a love for Tennessee and I love the Vols. GO VOLS!!!!! Rocky Top  Go check out the page and give it a like.

NOW, this next page is entitled "AIDEN"because well that's my name but of course I am sure you're thinking you don't need a FB Page for yourself. Well, I am not sure why I created this FB Page but I did and I did it quite awhile ago and have been an admin of course on this page since then. See I am a Poet, Author, Blogger, Writer and I originally created this FB Page to showcase my Poetry Talents but well I don't post much Poetry on there anymore every now and again I do that is. Go check it out Aiden You don't have to agree with my opinions or my views and if our opinions differ that's okay you don't have to like my page either. But if you do agree with me and we are on the same page go like the page and feel free to share anything you see on there.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I went way off track yep yep. Back to my day so damn I don't even remember where I left off. I think I am going to have to scroll to the top to see where I left off lol. Ohhh okay so I was talking about technology, well I guess I am done with that topic for now. Anyways so I have just been chilling around the house because I have tomorrow off and so does Vickie, YAY. What sucks is tomorrow is my ONLY day off but beggars can't be choosers so if one day is all I get off I'll take it because at least I get to spend it with Vickie, yay. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Do you believe this crap, I have to take a 2nd pregnancy test even though I am OBVIOUSLY NOT  pregnant nor will I ever be but they said its procedure because the time window closed on me getting my shot so now I got to start over. Oh well, fuck it, I will just get it over with. I get my Testosterone Shot tomorrow too. I have been on the T Shot since November of 2015 and I am already starting to grow facial hair and such. You can see the difference of me being on it for sure.

Well, I think I am going to end this blog right here for now and spend time with my fur babies and wait for my fiance Vickie to get home. Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day and Gute Nacht. That means Good Night in German.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1 - Introduction

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1 - Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I am Aiden Bean, 35, Manager at a Shell Gas Station and Entrepreneur with Avon. I have 2 dogs Cinder and Bo whom I love dearly, they are my babies, my children. I have the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous fiance, Vickie whom I love dearly. She keeps me in check, we are good for each other because we balance each other out. We are definitely meant to be. Do you believe in signs? Well, I do and since Day 1 of being with Vickie there has been so many signs, too many to count. PLUS, an added bonus which is she reminds me a lot like my mom and I remind myself a lot like my dad. Vickie and I are basically my parents just younger lol. Anyways. I am not sure what really to tell you all about me. 

I am an Entrepreneur with Avon. I have been with Avon since September 2014 when I made the switch from one company to Avon which was the best decision I could have ever made. I am totally loving the company I work for, Avon is the best.