Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today I Needed God

I slept in until 7am I never do that. I had been up yesterday since 3:30am rhough cos I ended up having to go to work and open the store. Today I needed God's guidance and for him to give me the motivation I needed to get what I needed done. I trained one of my new Avon Reps this morning. She placed her first order yay. I had a headache so I took some medicine and it went away. I am relaxing now with my babies. I am tired. Getting up at 3:30am when I went to bed at 9:30pm kicked my butt.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

28 Jan 2015 Blog Rant & Post

Don't be so surprised when haters take shots at you when God is doing something big through you that is changing lives. Keep shining. Push out the negative and bring in the positive. Remember, you cannot save everyone. Some people are going to destroy themselves no matter how much you try to help them. Grind - to perform repetitive actions over and over in order to attain a goal.

You say YES when others say NO
You RISE while others sleep
You DO what others will not
You CONTROL your destiny
You are on a quest

Don't expect people to understand your grind when God didn't give them your vision. Don't worry about those who talk behind your back, they're behind you for a reason.

The cost of AMBITION:
* Late nights, early mornings
* Lots of associates, few friends
* You will be misunderstood
* You will be single unless you find someone who understands your lifestyle
* People will want you to do good but never better than them
And for those reasons you will do many things alone.

Folks who never do anymore than they get paid for, never get paid for any more than they do! While you are still waiting to find an easy way (or a perfect time), someone else is already getting results because they decided making progress is more important than making excuses. In this dog eat dog world, success is granted to those who are told they can't do something and they refuse to believe it. Where a dream is no longer a dream, its a burning desire for self fulfillment. This isn't a story of how bad you want it, its a reality of how far you are willing to push yourself and take it.

I am not going to reach my goals by sleeping in. In the morning I rise & grind because my WHY wakes me up every morning. I will NOT climb the ladder of success by being lazy or letting my hears get in the way. I will face my fears and rise above. I want to be successful as bad as I want to breathe. I will NOT give up, I will NOT let anyone stop me from reaching my dreams and achieving my goals. In order to conquer your fears you must face them. You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. Don't ever let anyone point a finger in your face and say you can't do it. Its not about how hard you get hit, its about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. I'm going to show you how great I am. You will see one day. No one can break me cos I'm down Christ. And with God, all things are possible.

I don't know how my story will end, but no where in my text will it ever read...."I gave up". Actions always prove why words mean nothing. Very true. No obstacle is too big, no goal is unattainable, nothing else matters. I CAN...I WILL...I MUST...SURVIVE....You can not afford to live in potential for the rest of your life. Unleash it all today and make your move towards greatness NOW. What do you want out of life? If you don't know what you want then you will eat anything, you don't have drive, you wake up when you want. You know, I just want to inspire people and be inspired. I will follow my dreams and work as hard as I can to reach my goals, blood sweat & tears. Just because I have a dream and goals and you don't doesn't mean you have to knock me for trying to reach mine. Everyday you say no to your dreams, you push back your dreams 6 months, maybe even longer. So you need to know your WHY, and my WHY wakes me up every single morning. Remember, there is an expiration date on your dreams and they're about to expire. So how hard are you going to work to reach your goals and achieve your dreams?


I'm proud of what I have overcome. I needed a change, I couldn't keep going in the direction I was going. With God's help and my determination to not let this be how my story ended I gave up drugs & have been clean 4 years. Don't waste your life away. Seize the opportunities, live each day like there is no tomorrow.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Motivation Playlist On YouTube

Lecrae - Tell The World

[Hook (Mali Music):]
Now, I’mma tell the world, tell ‘em
I’mma tell it everywhere I go
Tell the world, tell ‘em
Yeah, I’m a billboard
Tell the world, tell ‘em
And I’m broadcastin’ like a radio
Tell the world
You ought to know, I’m brand new

[Verse 1 (Lecrae):]
I know one thing’s true: I don't even really deserve to know you
But, I-I’m a witness that you did this, and I'm brand new
So, I-I'm read’ to go, and I’mma tell the world what they need to know
A slave to myself, but you let me go, I tried getting high but it left me low
You did what they could never do
You cleaned up my soul and
Gave me new life - I'm so brand new
And that’s all that matters
I-I ain’t love you first, but you first loved me
In my heart I cursed you, but you set me free
I gave you no reason to give me new seasons, to give new life, new breathing
But you hung there bleedin’, and ya’ died for my lies and my cheatin’, my lust and my greed, (and Lord!)
What is a man that you mindful of him?
And what do I have to deserve this lovin’?

[Hook (Mali Music):]
Tryna make the moments last
Holdin’ on to the past
But, like a hero in a dream
Christ came, and he rescued me

Now, I’mma tell the world,
Tell the world, tell ‘em
I’mma tell it everywhere I go
Tell the world, tell ‘em
Yeah, I’m a billboard
Tell the world, tell ‘em
And I’m broadcastin’ like a radio
Tell the world
You ought to know, I’m brand new

[Verse 2 (Lecrae):]
I can't offer you nothin’, but your care & kindness keeps comin’
And your love is so unconditional, I get butterflies in my stomach
I got the old me in the rearview, now the new me got a clear view
And I was so dead, I couldn't hear you, too deep in sin to come near you
But you drew me in, you cleaned me up, so take me home, beam me up
Before you do, just let me tell the truth, and let these folks know that I done seen ya’ love
And it's everlasting, infinite, it goes on and on, you can’t measure it
Can’t quench ya’ love, they can’t separate us from the love of God, there’s no estimate
My face look the same, my frame ain’t rearranged, but I’m changed; I promise I ain’t the same
Your love’s so deep you suffered and took pain, you died on the cross to give me a new name
Ain’t nothing like I've seen before, I got a beaming glow
I was low, down, and dirty, but you cleaned me, Lord
You adopted me, you keep rocking me
I'mma tell the world, and ain’t nobody stopping me!

Sweetbox ft Christopher Taylor "Shout"

* Shout shout let it all out
These are the things I can't do without
Come on
I'm talking to you come on

Let me hear you shout it out
Let me tell you all the things that I can't do without
I jump for joy you get me led
So let me shout about
No doubt I found out
What makes the world go round
And by the times the world is foul

We seem to 'cause
The reason why the world is lost
We believe the world we live in peace
This days some say
One track minds would leave the way
Shout it out something for the world to say


They gave you life
In return you gave them live your hell
Cold as ice
Three wishes like a wishing well
If I could tell change your mind
And turn the time
Dark as night fighting
With the shadow lights

Is everything alright?
Can we do it one time?
We'll shout it out
Until the rise of light
I know you know
We shouldn't have to sell our souls
I shout it out
Just to let the world know


In violent times
we shouldn't have to sell your souls
in black and white
they really really ought to know
you shouldn't have to shout


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No more drama

Love this song, love it

So tired, tired of this dram

No more, no more
I wanna be free
I'm so tired, so tired

Broken heart again
Another lesson learn
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burned
Gotta count on me
Cause I can guarantee
That I'll be fine

No more pain (no more pain)
No more pain (no more pain)
No drama (no more drama in my life)
No one's gonna make me hurt again

Why'd I play the fool
Go through ups and downs
Knowing all the time
You wouldn't be around
Or maybe I like the stress
Cause I was young and restless
But that was long ago
I don't wanna cry no more

No more pain (no more pain)
No drama (no more drama in my life)
Noooooone's gonna make me hurt again
No more tears (no more tears, I'm tired of cryin everynight)
No more fears (no more fears, I really don't wanna cry)
No drama (no more drama in my life)
I don't ever wanna hurt again
Wanna speak my mind, wanna speak my mind

Uh,, it feel so good
When you let go
Of all the drama in your life
Now you're free from all the pain
Free from all the game
Free from all the stress
So find your hapiness
I don't know
Only God knows where the story ends for me
But I know where the story begins
It's up to us to choose
Whether we win or lose
And I choose to win

No more pain (no more pain)
No more game (tired of your playin' game with my mind)
No drama (no more drama in my life)
No more, no more, No more, no more
No more tears (no more tears, no more cryin every night)
No more fears (no more waking me up in the morning)
No drama, no more in my life

No more drama, no more drama
No more drama, no more drama
No more drama in my life
So tired, tired of this drama