Friday, May 22, 2015

The Most Amazing Girl Ever

I have met the most beautiful amazing girl ever. I am so in love with her. She motivates me and inspires me and brings out the creative side in me. She's so amazing. She is perfect in my eyes. I love to cuddle with her night, her in my arms. �� Vickie is her name. She came into my life at the right time. We found each other and there are so many signs that we are meant to be together. I've already gotten her a ring well because it was perfect for her. Actually she has 3 rings I got her and they shine and sparkle in her finger. The great thing is we finish each other's sentences and we know what each other is thinking. She's so amazing and so incredible. I love her with all my heart. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Busy Productive Day

Its been a busy, productive day and its not over yet. I am still doing Avon stuff. Keeping my mind occupied and so I don't think about other things. I don't like getting bored anyway. I like to stay busy. I got so much done today, I feel it has been a productive day. At one point my mind did wander and I started thinking about her but then I got distracted myself and turned on my music. Now sitting here taking a moment to write in my blog and back at it.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Great Day & A Toothache

I had a great day of course when I got home my teeth started hurting so I took a pain pill to make the pain go away. And it has come back twice. I am about to take another pill cos my teeth are killing me. Yikes! Ah I don't care what anyone says, a toothache is the worst pain. Well, I would think that because I don't know what childbirth is like lol.

So I am starting to lose my motivation, its 7:32p and I will be going to bed soon because I have to be up at 3am for work tomorrow. #RiseandGrind wake up to the sunshine. Actually I wake up way before the sun comes up. Lol. #hustlehard #makemoney Gotta get up early to make my #dreams come true. Can't be #successful if I sleep in. Of course no alarm clock is needed for me, my #passion wakes me up every morning. Even on my days off I get up at 5am.

I am an #entrepeneur I have 2 jobs, one is #iworkfromhome #iamtheboss I am a #networkmarketer

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today is a great day

Its a Beautiful morning

Rise & Grind! The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Believe in yourself!

Redid my Avon Estore, go have a look. Aiden's Estore

When you help others feel god about themselves you help YOU feel better about yourself. Inspire someone today! If your job makes you HATE Mondays or any day for that matter you NEED to contact me now!!! You can message me and change your future or you can keep complaining about the present!

Many people have no idea what they can do because all they have been told is what they can't do. Life requires action whether it is breathing air, swallowing food, opening your eyes, or moving one foot in from the other. Success in life requires action also. If you're not taking action each day to build your business it will fail to grow and eventually wither and die. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to work on getting referrals, following up, logging into your back office and take one action to grow your business. Start today to nourish and grow your business.

Time to exervise. Today I will not let any negative people ruin my day. I will surround myself with positive, uplifting people and I won't let negative thoughts enter my mind. Today is going to be a great day. I love my life and the life God has chosen for me. To pray is to let go and let God take over.

I went to bed last night after 12:30am because I was working on Avon stuff. Just so much I wanted to get done but I didn't get it all done. Plus I wanted to stay up so I could reach my goal of 20,000 steps and over 10 miles and I reached that goal. Yay! So this morning I decided to wake up at 6 am instead of 5 am. But I still managed to exercise for 31 minutes and run over 5 miles yay. I have over 5,000 steps. So that's a good thing. I like a good workout in the morning. Gets the blood pumping and the brain flowing. I am feeling much more motivated and positive then I was yesterday, that's for sure. So glad. I am focused today, focused on getting things done and accomplished.

My Morning Workout Playlist

  • Frank Sinatra "I've Got The World On A String"
  • Dean Martin "Just In Time"
  • Ray Charles - "Fever"
  • Frank Sinatra "Come Fly With Me"
  • Frank Sinatra "I want to be around"
  • Frank Sinatra "Sunny"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Team Meeting

Well, the team meeting didn't go how I wanted it too, lack of participation this time. I don't understand it, last time there was all kinds of participation this time only one person participated. Maybe I was just boring. I don't know. Gotta make the next team meeting something great. Since no one participated they just won't get a free gift for attending the meeting. Seeing what I write and participating in the meeting are two different things. Oh well, I guess I will have meetings like that. I try to make the meetings fun but I everyone was preoccupied with something else.

2nd Part of Update

SO, my Avon Business is going great. I am trying to keep a positive attitude at all times and stay away from all the negativity that people and life has to bring. That is sometimes hard to do but I try my best.

I think I need to go to a Massage Therapist. Man my neck is killing me. Wonder how much they charge. Oh well, whatever they charge will be worth it. Ugh the pain, maybe its stress or something. I don't know.

Have to get Rocky fixed here soon. Its about that time ya know. He has grown up so fast. He isn't a baby anymore. He used to be so small. He is still my baby though.

So anyways I have been in a sorta kinda funk the last few days. But today has been better. I talked to a friend who is doing really good and the leader/motivator/inspirational person came out in me today as I stood in the grocery store talking to her. SO glad I talked to her because talking to her helped me a lot. I know why I do what I do. I know that my purpose is to help others be successful and to be positive and motivated and well she helped me to see this. Really glad I got to talk to Catherine. She is doing great and of course I gave her advice which she has already done and I am so glad.

Life is funny, things come to you when you least expect it. I was Visalus and well I was all pumped at first but then I got to the point where I got down on myself seeing other people's success and I wasn't successful. To make a long story short, Visalus wasn't for me so I switched to Avon and got out of the health industry as a Network Marketer and let me tell you, I am definitely much much happier with Avon then I was Visalus. But at the same time, I have also changed since I was with Visalus. I am definitely a different person than I was then. Avon is great, they inspire us, motivate us and reward us. I absolutely just love Avon. Funny, I am really passionate about what I do and about Avon. I will NEVER leave Avon. I have gotten people trying to recruit me to their company because they love my motivation and how I handle things BUT I cannot be recruited because I love Avon so much.

Love, well we won't discuss that. I mean that was most of the thoughts in my head but I decided not to discuss that. I mean, I will say this. Love, the right kind of love, the soulmate etc kinda love will come. Do I have that now? Um, not so sure. I mean maybe I am asking too much. I want the kind of love that you see in movies, maybe that's just a fairy tale kind of love and it doesn't exist except in the movies or maybe it does and I just haven't found it. I don't know. I hear a song and well, I think about her. I see a movie, and I think about her. Apparently she has been on my mind a lot lately. BUT, we are just friends and that's all we're going to be. And hey that's cool. I would rather have her as a friend then nothing at all because I am glad she came into my life. She has definitely been a positive part of my life and an inspiration to me and has definitely motivated me in many ways. Special people come into your life when you least expect it. My advice is don't let those people go. Especially when they mean so much to you.

ANYWAYS..............enough of that...Okay so I have headache again, ugh. Not as bad as yesterday. I am fighting it today. A half an hour until the team meeting gotta go finish writing down everyone's totals. Have a wonderful blessed day everyone
God Bless

Update Since I Need One

Decided it was time to write in my blog. Haven't written in my blog in awhile, or any of my blogs actually. And I figured I needed to get some thoughts out of my head and into my blog. Yep, writing time... You know, I used to be a VERY negative person. I was taught to be negative from my father and other people that were around me. See the thing is, when you hang out with negative people that is who you will become. But in 2015 I decided to change who I was as a person & I changed the people I hung around with. I actually left some people back in 2014. Unfortunate that I had to do that especially since some were friends of mine for years but, you have to change the circle of people you hang out with or you will become just like them. When your circle is negative you too will become a negative person. I got tired of being a negative person, I got tired of complaining all the time. And I got tired of hearing the complaining all the time and hearing all the negativity so I just blocked it out and those people out of my life. However, there are a select few negative people that I cannot get out of my life though, not yet anyways.

Anyway, so I exercised this morning for over an hour. I ran over 5 miles, got over 10,000 steps which is my goal for the day so I already beat that. I haven't exercised since this morning. BUT, I had already met my goal by this morning however that doesn't mean that I am not going to exercise anymore today. Nope nope. I like to exceed my goals if at all possible and even though I did meet my goal I as far as I know haven't exceeded it yet. So I gotta get moving on the exercise after the team meeting.

So I haven't been keeping up with my blogs, either of them. Cinder is over there laying in her bed whining guess I gotta take her out again. She is always in out in out in out. LOL. She interrupts me a lot. Lol. I would take my laptop outside but its dying yikes. Guess its time to take a break. I am sure I have more to say because what I wanted to say hasn't even come out yet. So more to come later.