Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Backpacks for the Homeless

I am looking for donations of several items. I do "Backpacks/Bags For The Homeless" & Winter is coming up & I am looking for help with donations for my cause. I pay for all the items myself most of the time. When I did this last year I had several donations of different items. Here is what I am looking for:
*Please donate clothing items to the WARM Shelter in Waynesboro. We don't accept clothing donations as they take up too much room in backpacks & we don't know everyone's sizes*
What is your WHY? When you know why you do what you do even the toughest days become easier! Why do I help the homeless? God showed me my need so I could be better aware of the needs of others. We are surrounded by family, friends & love and more than we need. The least we could do is sow that into someone who could use the reminder that God has not forgotten about them.
Items We Need:
•Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
•Combs & Brushes
•Body Wash & Soap
•School Supplies •Notebooks
•Bibles & Religious Material
•Pens •Lotions & Hand Sanitizer
•Lufas & Washcloths
•Bottled Waters & Flavor Packs
•Deodorant (Men & Women)
•Cologne & Perfume
•Tampons & Pads
•Coffee Cups (Like in Gas Stations)
•Shampoo & Conditioner
•Tooth Floss & Dental Picks
•Bandaids (First Aid Supplies)
•Religious Crosses
•Hats (Men & Women)
•Scarves •Gloves
•Add a personal note to show you care
•Wool Beanie Hat
•Instant Coffee •Stamps
•Pre-paid Phone Cards
•Multi-Purpose Wipes
•Chapstick •Sunblock
•Facial Wipes •Water Bottles
•Heat Pack •Multi-Purpose Tool
•Fruit Snacks •Mints •Gum
You can drop off items to me at my house or I can meet you somewhere to pick the items up. Any help is very much appreciated.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Backpacks For The Homeless

So last year I started doing "Backpacks For The Homeless". It went well, I handed out lots of backpacks to the homeless and had a lot of people donate items for the backpacks. However, this year not as much participation. I still plan on putting together backpacks because well, I like to help those in need and who are less fortunate than me.

So this is my latest video I did about my cause "Backpacks For The Homeless"
Backpacks For The Homeless

I am looking for donations of items listed on my video. I mostly buy everything myself but it helps when I have donations also. If you would like to donate send me an email

Any help is greatly appreciated.


So my best friend said it was time to hide " a friend's posts" from her newsfeed. I know she was talking about me. It's cos I post so much stuff. Oh well. I hope she deletes me. I'd be better off then I wouldn't have to see her crappy posts. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My "Save The Next Kid" Campaign

I was bullied in school so I am against bullying. Even if I wasn't bullied in school I think it is wrong. I want to help those who are being bullied and prevent these kids and adults from committing suicide. It only takes one person to make a difference and I intend to be that person that stands up for those who are being bullied and be their voice.

Exercise Is Good For The Soul

So I couldn't sleep and ended up waking up at 4am or before that. I got up to go to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep but yeah that wasn't happening. So I got back out of bed and decided to just stay up. So I got up and made half a pot of coffee which I have yet to drink. I ended up going to the bank and getting money out so I could pay my tab at 7 Eleven. So I decided to get coffee at 7 Eleven while I paid my tab. Then I came home and well I was hungry so I went back out and got me and Cinder and Rocky breakfast. They had sausage biscuits and I had a Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddle. After I left Mcdonalds I decided to stop at Shell where I used to work and I ended up getting me some gas and a Energy Shot.

I apologized to her and told her I was sorry for the way things ended with us and that I missed her and wanted to be friends again if she can find it in her heart to forgive me. I believe in living life with no regrets and that was one thing I regretted. The fact that our friendship ended badly. So yeah, I apologized through text message. I stopped in her store to get a 5 Hour Energy shot and gas. She was civil to me. After I got home I decided to text her and apologize to her. She said she had to think about things. I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me. Her friendship meant a lot to me and I should have not ended it the way I did. However, we all make mistakes and that is one mistake I regret but I wanted her to know how I felt. So I hope that situation turns out good and that we become friends again. She was there before some people, long before some people and was always there for me. I screwed that up pretty badly. I guess we shall see the outcome of that, I hope it is a good one.

So yeah after that I decided since I didn't exercise a second time last week I would start off today but exercising. I did over 1,000 steps for a little over 35 minutes. Check it out. I used the iPhone app Nexercise. I love that app. It rewards you points for exercising. At my new job if you exercise for 2 days a week for 3 months for 30 minutes you are rewarded a free vacation day. I'm like hey that sounds like a challenge to me with a great reward and I'm always down for a good challenge so heck yeah. I'm on it.

I will be getting new glasses yay I am excited. I am going to get the same pair I had before, the pair that Rocky chewed up. Yeah the ones he chewed up hence why I have another eye appointment. Because he chewed up my black framed glasses which I loved dearly. I should have kept them in a spot he couldn't get too. I am wearing my Gucci Glasses now, I have been since he chewed my favorite pair of glasses up. Dang dog I swear, gotta love him lol.

I am glad I have great friends surrounding me. Its nice to be able to have a conversation with someone and it not end up in an argument or making me mad. Nice to have intelligent conversations where my response isn't just yeah. Haha.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Yeah so I forgot to mention that I gave my life to God a couple months ago. No I wasn't baptised, I got baptised many years ago but I fell off the path over those years and have over the last couple months recently given my life to God and Jesus Christ. I have a lot of friends who are Atheist but that's okay. I DO believe in God and Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Just because some of my friends don't believe the same as I do that's okay I will still be friends with them and not judge them.

SO...YES, I AM a Jesus Freak.

As you can tell by my posts that I just made of songs in them. The songs I made posts of are Christian Artists that I like. TobyMac being my favorite of course. But the Newsboys are pretty good too. My favorite radio station is K Love. I love that station. I got it preset on my dial in my truck and I have it on my playlist on IheartRadio.

You may ask why I turned to God. Well, when your down and out and depressed it seems like the only answer is to turn to God in rough times and that is what I did. I accepted God and Jesus Christ into my life. So yes, I am a Christian. Mind you, I grew up in a Jehovah's Witness household when I was younger. But, that is not who I am, I mean I don't think, I don't know. I guess you could say I do still have a little bit of that faith in me. But I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. God answers my prayers and he is there for me when no one else is. I know I can turn to God in my darkest moments and when I have hit rock bottom. But its not even just that. I pray daily to God. I pray to him and ask for forgiveness and thank him for all he has done for me.

Okay I am sure this all may sound corny to some of you but its not to me. And NO, I am NOT a bible thumper. Just because I believe in God and Jesus Christ does NOT mean I am going to push off my beliefs on you. That is not who I am. If you want to learn more about God and Jesus Christ just ask me and I will share the word of God with you. But I am by no means a bible thumper, that is not who I am and I not who I plan on being. I love God and Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

FYI: I was ordained as a Minister in 2008. I have my certificate of ordination. That's a little known fact about me. Mind you however as I said before I went down the path of unrighteousness and down a dark road in life for many years. However, the light is shining again and I have been saved. I was addicted to drugs for many years. I am also a part of an online group called InTheRooms. It is a website for people who are recovering addicts and alcoholics. I have been a member of InTheRooms for years. It is a great community of people who are recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism and they don't judge you or discriminate against you.

Anyways, so yeah...I used to want to be a part of the crowd. I used to be a follower not a leader. I would follow the crowd. So I got to the point where I would try anything at least once. Not a very good idea or very brilliant at all. Not smart on my part but hey we all live and learn. However, sometimes we learn the hard way. I have known a lot of people that died from Heroin Overdose. That was my drug of choice, that and pain pills. But, like I said we all make mistakes. I have turned my life around now and am doing much better. I have been clean for 4 years and 8 months. Yay me.

Anyways so yeah back to what my post is actually about. I don't mind being labeled a Jesus Freak. I love Jesus and I love God. I read the bible every day even if its just for a couple minutes. I unfortunately don't go to church because I never have a day off on Sunday and I just started a new job. BUT, I do turn on the Bible Network and watch the sermons and listen to the word of God. My favorite is Joyce Myers Ministries. I absolutely love listening to her preach. She always has an amazing message.

So last year it was when I was saved and accepted God and his son Jesus Christ into my life. It was September 2014 that I decided my life needed to take a new direction. I am glad that I decided to accept them into my life and change my life around. Life has been good ever since. However, I have had some ups and downs but with God all things are possible. But, let's get to the point of this paragraph and that being the "Backpacks For The Homeless" that I started doing. A former friend of mine started doing Backpacks For The Homeless so I started doing it with her however, I said former friend so her and I no longer speak but I continued to do the Backpacks For The Homeless because I believe someone needs to be the voice for the homeless and those less fortunate. I have a kind heart, there is no denying that. I am an Aries if that tells you anything. They say people who are Aries are selfish but that is not true about me, I mean maybe it is a little bit. I like to get my way and get what I want but I also like to give to others. I just like to see people happy. Okay back on topic as I wandered off topic.

The "Backpacks For The Homeless" thing I have been doing has been great. It has succeeded I must say. See I don't know how others who do this kind of thing do it but the way I do my "Backpacks For The Homeless" is I get donations and I also buy stuff with my own money as well. I buy the essentials plus some other stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste and deodorant and soap and body wash, you get the idea. I will post an image if I have one of the items that I collect. You know homeless people are just like us except for they don't have a home. They are like us, we are all human beings. We like the same stuff mostly. One thing I do since starting this is I make sure every backpack or bag that I pack has a bible in it. Because like I said above, everyone in their darkest days could use God in their life. I know I turned to God when I was down on my luck. So I want to give the gift of the Bible and the word of God to others. Yes, every backpack or bag comes with a bible. Sometimes I put a dollar in each bag. Yes I know its not much but hey every bit helps you know. Doing the "Backpacks/Bags For The Homeless" is something that makes me feel good about myself. It is very rewarding you know. To see the looks on the faces of those I give a backpack or bag too. How happy they are when they receive a backpack or bag from me. You know these people need help too. They are down on their luck at the moment and need help getting back on their feet. You may not have ever been in their position before and I hope you never are but they are human like us.

I love doing the "Backpacks/Bags For The Homeless". I get to meet a lot of interesting people who tell me their story and what brought them to be homeless. God is with them though, they make not think so but he is watching over them. God has angels watching over them that are there to protect them and guide them. I guess you could say that I am a messenger from God. As the bible says and don't quote me because I don't have my bible in front of me at the moment but somewhere in the bible it said to help those that are less fortunate and that is exactly what I am doing. I am giving back, paying it forward. You know why I do what I do? I do it not because I have to or because I expect something in return. No, that is not why I do what I do. I do this because I like to help others and like to see others happy. And if I can help people than that is what I am going to do. So I think I got off topic above. I don't know how others who do this sorta thing do it but what I do is I go to homeless shelters and I see people sitting outside and walk up to them and start a conversation with them as I have the backpacks and bags in hand. And I tell them that I do "Backpacks/Bags For The Homeless" and ask them if they would like a bag. I also go to places where I know homeless people hang out. You see, those homeless people who are staying in churches have no where to go during the day really so a lot of them either walk the streets with all their belongings in hand or hang out at the library or laundromats. I go to places where I think they will be. Not to sound judgmental or anything but I can normally tell if a person is homeless. Most of them carry backpacks or bags, I don't know, I can just tell mostly when a person is homeless.
And well, its a dead giveaway if a person asks you for some money. Now when a person asks me for money and I can tell they are homeless if I have the money to spare I'll give them a few bucks or what change I have. I am by no means a rich person. I am trying to make it in the horrible economy just like everyone else. My way of giving back to the homeless is putting together bags for them. I know if they live in a homeless shelter that stuff is probably provided for them. However, I have heard about one homeless shelter in my area and what I heard isn't so great. However with that said, the lady that works in that homeless shelter was really nice to me when I dropped off backpacks to the shelter. So you really can't go on what you have heard, however when it comes from someone who has lived in that homeless shelter it makes you wonder. Anyways that could be hearsay and well I like to find out the truth on my own instead of listening to what others say.

The Winter season is coming up fast as it is getting colder and is cold in the mornings and cold at night. I feel really bad for those who are homeless and not living in a homeless shelter. I have seen people living under bridges before. I have seen people living in parks before. Mind you that was in big cities that is, not in my area. It is sad and I know those people have to be thinking that God has failed them but that is not the truth. God loves them and so does Jesus Christ.

I also started what I call "Save The Next Kid" or #savethenextkid I haven't done too much with this yet. I haven't totally launched my #savethenextkid campaign yet. What #savethenextkid is is well, preventing suicide and bullying. I was bullied as a kid in elementary school, middle school and high school. As an adult I still get bullied but as an adult I have been able to cope with it and deal with it better than I did when I was a kid. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did. Bullying leads to suicide these days. Back in my day you didn't hear much about kids committing suicide but these days it seems like that is really all you hear about, that and someone being murdered. So #savethenextkid is a project I am working on to help stop bullying. Bullying comes in many forms you know. There is Cyber Bullying, Mental Bullying, Verbal Bullying, many different types. Hey, bullying is bullying no matter what way you look at it. Its wrong and someone needs to stand up and put a stop to it and help fight for those without a voice or who are unable to speak up for themselves. I do have a friend name Lala who has a campaign called #projectkindness in which she helps teens who are bullied. Her #projectkindness has taken off. I want my #savethenextkid to have a good start and help those who are bullied, not just teens but adults as well. I think I am going to buy a prepaid phone that I can use as a number/hotline for those who want to talk or need advice. Yep, that's what I am going to do. I just want to make a difference in this world and help others.

I also periodically go through my clothes and the articles of clothing that I don't really wear or that do not fit me anymore I put together and put them in a bag and take them to one of the homeless shelters. You know, I recently found out that socks are the most wanted item, the most needed item in a homeless shelter. So I must remember to add that to my list of items that I need to buy or need to collect for the homeless.

You know, at one of the homeless shelters I went to there was a guy sitting outside and unfortunately I only had bags for women that day with me. I hadn't put together the bags for guys yet. So I talked to him and come to find out he is an Army Veteran and he has a son and daughter, young kids. I told him I would be back with a backpack for him, I promised him that. I told him I would find him somehow. Well I went home that day and got to thinking, even though I had never put together any backpacks or bags for kids I was able to have 2 kids backpacks donated and items for kids and I bought some stuff for the kids and put the two backpacks together for his children and I put a really nice backpack together for him. I even gave him one of my Army jackets so he could stay warm.

So I just found one of my Facebook Posts about #BackpacksForTheHomeless so here it is.
Beginning of Facebook Post --->
Help get the word out & share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media site that you use.
*Please donate clothing items to the WARM Shelter in Waynesboro. I don't accept clothing donations as they take up too much room in backpacks and bags and I don't know what everyone's sizes are.

What is your WHY? When you know why you do what you do even the toughest days become easier! Why do I help the homeless? God showed me my need so I could be better aware of the needs of others. We are surrounded by family, friends & love and more than we need. The least we could do is sow that into someone who could use the reminder that God has not forgotten about them.

Items I Need:
* Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
* Combs and Brushes
* Body Wash and Soap
* School Supplies
* Notebooks
* Bibles & Religious Material
* Pens & Pencils
* Lotions & Hand Sanitizer
* Lufas & Washcloths
* Bottled Waters and Flavor Packs
* Deodorant (Men & Women)
* Cologne & Perfume
* Tampons & Pads
* Coffee Cups (Like in Gas Stations, not glass mugs)
* Shampoo & Conditioner
* Tooth Floss & Dental Picks
* Bandaids (First Aid Supplies)
* Religious Crosses
* Hats (Men & Women)
* Scarves & Gloves
* A personal note to show you care
* Wool Beanie Hat
* Pre-paid Phone Cards
* Multi Purpose Wipes
* Chapstick
* Sunblock
* Facial Wipes
* Water Bottles
* Heat Pack
* Multi-purpose tool
* Fruit Snacks
* Mints
* Gum
* Coloring Books
* Crayons & Markers
* Paints & Paintbrushes for the kids

You can drop off items to me or I can meet you somewhere to pick the items up. Any help is very much appreciated. <----- end="" facebook="" of="" p="" post="">
Backpacks For The Homeless video I did, I made several which I will try to pull up from my YouTube Channel if I can find them. I like making videos so people can see me and see that I am real. As you can see from the photos these are items I have bought to help with my Backpacks For The Homeless. I always put bibles in each bag or some kind of religious material in each bag I give out. Everyone needs God and Jesus Christ in their life.

So anyone that reads my blog and would like to help me with my "Backpacks/Bags For The Homeless" feel free to send me a message or email me. I would love to have more help. I don't mind doing it by myself. It is something I am very passionate about. I love what I do.

Psalms 1:6 says "For the Lord watches over all the plans and paths of Godly men, but the paths of the Godless lead to doom". Are you a Godly person? Or are you Godless? What do you think this scripture is saying? Psalms 2:10-12 says, "O kings and rulers of the earth, listen while there is time. Serve the Lord with reverent fear; rejoice with trembling. Fall down before his Son and kiss his feet before his anger is roused and you perish. I am warning you - his wrath will soon begin. But oh, the joys of those who put their trust in him.

Those are just some of the bible verses I have highlighted in my bible. I love my bible, it is copyrighted 1971. It is pretty old and it means a lot to me.